Marshall's News Archives

11/1/14 - A note about retirement - "The newspapers and social media have written and said a lot about my retirement. It's true, I did retire but I haven't missed a day of work since. I'm still in my old office at Scottsdale Community College; still state historian; still speaking at conventions, museums, schools, churches; still writing; still performing; and still trying to be a goodwill ambassador for the State of Arizona."

7/7/14 - “On behalf of all Arizonans, I want to thank our state’s official historian, Marshall Trimble, for his years of dedicated teaching service at Scottsdale Community College, from which he is retiring this year. Marshall Trimble is a true Arizona original. Born in Mesa and raised along historic Route 66 in Ash Fork, Marshall’s infectious enthusiasm for Arizona’s history and culture led him to begin teaching classes on the history of the southwest at Scottsdale’s Coronado High School in 1969. For the next five decades, Marshall taught, sang and wrote about our state and its colorful historical characters, keeping alive our pioneering Old West spirit for generations of Arizonans. In 1997, Governor Fife Symington bestowed Marshall with the title Official State Historian, an honor continued by each successive governor. Arizona owes Marshall a deep debt of gratitude for his many contributions to our state, and we look forward to his continuing to entertain and educate us for many years to come.” -  Senator John McCain  

6/26/14 - Listen to Marshall sing "I Love You Arizona" on YouTube -

5/10/14 - Marshall receives the Semper Fi Award from the Marine Corps. Scholarship Foundation.

4/1/14 - Marshall on Youtube.

2/12/14 - Marshall was inducted as a 2014 Historymaker for the Historical League of the Arizona Historical Society.

6/14/13 - The Historical League has announced that state historian Marshall Trimble is being honored as one of ten Arizona Historymakers for 2014.

2/1/13 - Marshall is now the spokesman and heard around the state on radio for Harmon Solar.

9/29/12 - Marshall was awarded the Anam Cara "Soul Friend" award at the Irish Cultural Center.

8/4/12 - Marshall was awarded the "President's Silver Star Award" from the Wild West History Association for his "Distinguished and unselfish service on behalf of the advancement of WWHA and the documentation of western history."  Pictures on photo album page.

5/9/12 - Marshall has been invited to join a State Department “Cowboy Heroes” tour to the American base in Kyrgyzstan from May 28 to June 8. It’s sponsored by Wrangler’s Jeans and part of Wounded Warriors/Warrior Tours. It’s also sponsored by the American Embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The Transit Center base at Manas supports U.S. military operations in the war in Afghanistan and is a transit point for military coming and going to Afghanistan.  He’s the only Arizonan in the group and will join a half-dozen or so professional rodeo cowboys. He says, “I won’t be riding any bulls however but I’ll be slinging lots of bull”.

12/3 - The Arizona Centennial Commission honored Marshall as one of Seven Arizonans honored for their service to the state. Included among the seven were Senator Barry Goldwater and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. A booth honoring his achievements as "One of Arizona's Most Inspiring Leaders" was dedicated at the Stockyards Restaurant in Phoenix.

4/11 - Marshall received the  Al Merito Award 'In Recognition of Lifelong Distinguished Service in Promoting Arizona History' from the Arizona Historical Society.

3/11 - Marshall is the Grand Marshall at the Phoenix St. Patrick's Day Parade.

2/14/11 - It's Official - Arizona's Official Nickname is now "The Grand Canyon State". Tori Smith, a student writing a term paper had inquired about our nickname. It took two years, but it became reality when Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill, making our unofficial nickname - official.

2/13/11 - Marshall was officially inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame.

2/12/11 - The Movie "Blood into Wine" by Maynard Keenan (from the band Tool) about wine growing in AZ and narrated by Marshall received the coveted Drover Award at the Oklahoma Film Festival.

7/17/10 - Marshall receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wild West History Association and is elected First Vice-President of the organization.

6/21/10 - Marshall sings a song about the old railroad that his father worked on. Peavine

2/22/10 - See Marshall in the upcoming movie, "Blood into Wine", the story of Rock star Maynard Keenan becoming an Arizona Winemaker. Film review by Alexander Zalben

2/22/10 - Marshall is being inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame. Class of 2010.

8/19/09 - Listen as Marshall sings his favorite Johnny Cash song - I still miss someone, in honor of his beloved dog "Patches".

6/23/08 - Marshall is officially appointed by the governor to be a member of the Arizona Centennial Commission.

10/22/07 - Marshall's latest CD is announced and is now available via this website. Titled - "Marshall Trimble: Old Songs Theyll Never Plow Under".

11/4/04 - Marshall is inducted into the Arizona Veteran's Hall of Fame.  Radio personality  Bill Heywood comments about Marshall's induction! Hall-of-Fame picture.